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What is Supersystem?

Supersystem is a number of very different things, yes to different people: Supersystem is a classic poker book, the original poker guide and the...

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Business Strategy & Planning

A colleague's approach to business was once described by the CEO as "fire, ready, aim".

Whilst getting on with it is a desirable cultural trait, businesses that haven't done the groundwork and taken the time to agree the overall ambition and goals, understand the market structure and competition, clarified how and where it will compete to create value face a very difficult journey.

Market winners have a clear process and framework that enables agreement on the overall ambition and goals, describes the market structure and competition, clarifies how and where it will compete and create value and finally designs and communicates a credible roadmap for implementation.

Our Work

Clarity and Alignment : Vision, Objectives, Strategies, Execution, Culture

Strategic Analysis

Strategy Formulation

Competition Analysis & Mapping

Market Segmentation

Proposition Development & Competitive Advantage

Initiative Portfolio Management

Resource Planning

Frameworks and Management Systems

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Experience, Impact & Value

All our team have worked in business across multiple sectors

We are not life time consultants which means we understand the day to day pressures and challenges you face

We also recognise how powerful external support can be when organised and aligned effectively

All our team are experienced professionals in their discipline and bring the knowledge and operational savvy you only get from people who have cut their teeth in real business scenarios