Sales Performance Transformation

Sales Performance Transformation

There is always a danger, when looking to address a shortfall, to press the "tactical activity" button.

Run a campaign, produce some leaflets, reduce prices. If well informed this could be effective but if reactive your business could be wasting time, energy and money.

Too often you hear - "We lose business on price, we win business because our product is better" when the reality is bound to be more nuanced.

Real transformation needs clarity, evidence and honesty. It make take a little longer but it'll save you thousands of pounds and move your business to a better market position.

Richard Game"Mark makes some mighty fine websites, and have no hesitation in recommending him to fix your marketing."
Richard Game
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Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management

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The VCN Difference

All our team have worked in business across multiple sectors

We are not life time consultants which means we understand the day to day pressures and challenges you face

We also recognise how powerful external support can be when organised and aligned effectively

All our team are experienced professionals in their discipline and bring the knowledge and operational savvy you only get from people who have cut their teeth in real business scenarios

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